September 2007-July 2008 - Speech & Language Therapist Needed                                                                                                              The CDGC urgently needs a speech and language therapist to provide intervention for about 70 children who made great progress working with Carolina. Their parents wish to see  them continue to improve  and many other children on the waiting list are also in need of speech and language therapy services. The German "Villa Kunterbunt" association will kindly fund a six-month full-time position for a speech and language therapist with significant clinical experience to independently manage the paediatric caseload and work collaboratively with the CDGC Coordinator Elaine Clement (physiotherapist). If you are interested please contact Dr. Schüling at or

Feb2006_1_edited.jpg (17481 bytes)End of July  2007 - Dr. Schüling leaving
After  having worked in St.Lucia for 12 years Dr. Brigitte Schüling will return to Germany where she accepted a position in a Development Centre (Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum  Hamburg). Elaine Clement will become  the Coordinator of the CDGC and continue to provide physiotherapy. 

July 2007 - Parents are concerned!
Hearing of Dr. Schüling's departure, concerned parents took action. Mr. Bryan (father of Tamykh) expressed his concerns to the Ministries of Health and Education. Mrs. Nelson (adoptive mother of Dahlia and Daisy) wrote a letter to inform the media about her concern that lack of government funding threatens the continuation of therapy services at the CDGC. She also initiated a petition imploring the government to start funding the CDGC to ensure that the CDGC's doors are kept open and the unique and much-needed services for all children with special needs in St. Lucia are available in future. 

In only 3 weeks, 150 concerned parents and citizens have shown their support for the continuation of the CDGC's excellent work by signing Mrs. Nelson's petition. Please click on the images below to read a full-version of their letters.

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